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Lexus LS 460:
Smooth, Efficient, a Standard Bearer for the Brand

Efficiency and smooth power characterize the four trim levels in the third offering of the Lexus LS 460. New for 2009, drivers will have two all-wheel drive options for this 4.6-liter V8 luxury sedan. Opening with the base LS 460 with 380 hp at $63,675 MSRP, buyers can shop up the scale through the LS 460 AWD (357 hp) for $67,200 and the LS 460 L (380 hp) at $73,585, to the top of the line LS 460 AWD L (long wheelbase) with 357 hp for $77,110. All four trims of this four-door, five-passenger sedan return approximately 16 mpg city and between 23 and 24 mpg highway and are equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, standard.

Innovations under the hood single-out the 460 from the competition starting with intelligent Variable Valve Timing driven by an electric motor (an industry first). Additionally, an electronically controlled intake cam creates unparalleled engine-start-up while the dual fuel-injection (port and direct) optimizes engine operations under all conditions. In addition to the trademark Lexus sound dampening, company engineers have achieved new levels of lessened friction and improved rotational balance.

Ultra ride comfort is achieved via an available air-suspension system with three settings for individual preference. Look for large ventilated disc brakes front and rear and standard aluminum-allow wheels (18 inch) with all-season tires. Inside, all sounds from the opening and closing of the doors to the one-touch window motors, have been tuned to the most pleasing levels, while laminated side glass reduces outside noise.

Safety features include a Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management system to control sub-systems including Electronically Controlled Braking, Vehicle Stability, Antilock Braking, and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (as well as engine torque with an electronically controlled throttle.) Side curtain, front-seat mounted side, and knee bags for both driver and passenger are standard. Rear seat side bags are optional. (On the LS 460 and LS 460 L, the Advanced Parking Guidance System is available.)

Four leather and wood combinations are available for the interior, while the driver's seat has 16 levels of adjustment (12 for the passenger.) Look for automatic climate control over two zones, a smog sensor, and a power moon-roof (tilt and slide.) Additional interior amenities include pushbutton start and stop, power steering wheel (tilt and telescope), multi-information displays, and an automatic electric parking brake.

Customers who opt for the Executive Class Seating Package on the LS 460 L will get independent climate control over four zones with air purification, power sunshades on the rear doors, a console in the back with a fold-out table, and a rear-seat recliner on the right with a leg rest including multi-function massage. (The same package adds an entertainment system to the rear seat with a 3.0 VGA high-quality, ceiling-deployed, nine-inch screen.)

It's difficult for reviewers to find fault with the LS 460's exterior, characterized by few body gaps, a low front grille and fenders deeply drawn to create a muscular, but elegant profile. Window surrounds are single pieces of chrome, with the integrated dual exhausts tipped in the same material. Lexus is known for executing luxury with passionate detail, and never has that commitment to a raised level of driving experience been more evident than in the LS 460. Finding a low cost car insurance rate may be a challenge, but worth the luxury ride. You'll want to protect every beautiful inch of this car, a vehicle destined to be your "baby" the instant you slide behind the wheel.


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