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Financial Support

Do you find Lexls.com useful? Do you visit Lexls.com? Have you used one of our tutorials to guide you through a repair? Do you want Lexls.com to stay online? Do you want to see more info added? If you answered YES to any one of those questions then support Lexls.com by making a donation today!

As you probably know, there are costs to running a website and Lexls.com is no exception. Your donations are used to keep Lexls.com up, running, and growing. Lexls.com provides you with a wealth of knowledge that can save you a ton of time & money. I do this in good faith that you will return the favor with some financial support. So if you haven't already, or if you already have, please support Lexls.com by making a Paypal donation. All donations are greatly appreciated!


Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer

LexLS is supported by site vistors. When you buy through Amazon links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no additional cost to you.


Tutorial Support

Another way to support Lexls.com is to contribute a tutorial. I will edit and put everything together. What you need to provide are the pictures and a rough text outline of the procedure. Pictures must be at least 640 x 480 pixels jpg files. The text document should be either a .doc or .txt file. Please do not put the pictures into the word document. Just create a folder and put all pictures for the tutorial and the text file in there. Then compress the folder, .zip or .rar files are OK. Once you're ready please email me for further instructions.



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