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How to Replace the Cup Holder
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

By LexLS.com

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Things can break and I have had a cup holder without the cover since I bought my LS. It's always bugged me so I snatched this one up when I found it on eBay. Of course you can always buy a new one for ~$100. You can do this job in a half hour or less.

Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Using a small flat-head screwdriver, wedge the screwdriver in the location specified in the pic. Then carefully pry the wood trim up. It should pop right out.

2) Remove this carpet piece.

3) Pop this vent cover out and remove it using a thin flat-head screwdriver.

4) Remove the 4 circled screws.

5) Using a thin flat-head screwdriver, pop out the armrest storage compartment as shown, then remove it.

6) Remove the 4 circled screws and then remove the cup holder.

7) Install is the reverse of removal. Write down in your records the date and mileage of your replacement. This color maybe isn't quite right but it's close enough for me and at least it looks better.



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