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How to Remove the Front Inner Door Panel
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

By LexLS.com

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There are a few reasons why you would want to remove the inner door panel; the main one is to access the speaker box. The grill is part of the panel and does not come off so the entire panel needs to be removed. It's easy, here's how...

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Tools Needed:

1) Insert a thin flat-head screwdriver at either of the 2 red lines in the pic above. Pry outward to get the trim off the holding pin. So, on the bottom like this pic you would push the screwdriver up to be prying outward. Hold the door handle open, then pry the other side over the other holding pin and pull the trim off.

2) Disconnect this connector and set the trim aside. You can see the small top holding pin directly above the lock switch in the pic.

3) Insert a thin flat-head screwdriver at the red line and pop the switches out of the clip. I have my screwdriver misplaced in this pic, you should pry at the red line.

4) Disconnect this connector. Here you can see the hidden screw that you will remove next.

5) Remove the 8 screws highlighted in red (sorry the trim and switches are on in this pic). The blue arrows indicate the locations of the clips. Insert a thin flat-head screwdriver between the panel and the door to pry the panel off. The panel should pop off and still hang on the door. Finally, hold the panel and carefully pull it up off the door.

6) Remove the connector for the door light and set the panel aside.

Off! Your door probably won't have all the sound deadening that I do but this gives you an idea. The speaker box can be removed by unscrewing 4 bolts and unclipping a couple connectors. The factory premium audio system & Nak system had 4" component speakers in the front.

7) Install is reverse of removal.



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