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How to Remove the Painted Pin Stripes
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

By Thuan, LOC Member 92Lex

Before doing anything read my disclaimer & safety info.



I tested this on the gas cap door first just to make sure it wouldn't damage my paint. It's a lot cheaper to get that small door painted versus having a whole panel painted. It didn't damage my finish at all....I didn't have to polish either.

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Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Use the masking tape and paper and mask off above and below the pin stripe. Work on 2-3 foot sections at a time.

2) Spray on the Easy-Off and let it soak in for about 1-3* minutes. *Warning: The time required will vary, test the gas cap stripes first for about a minute, then wipe off. If you need more reapply. This is strong stuff and damage to the paint is certainly possible.*

3) Take a rag and just wipe it off. You shouldn't even have to rub it off. It should just wipe right off with the foam from the Easy-Off. Then remove the tape and paper and use a wet rag to clean up the area. Water neutralizes the Easy-Off. Make sure you wear gloves. It's EASY.

Lexls.com Notes: Thanks for the tutorial Thuan! Thuan's original tutorial is located here on the Lexus Owners Club (LOC) forum.



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