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How to Remove the Rear Seat
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

By LexLS.com

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This is really simple.

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Tools Needed:

1) Take a needle nose pliers and pull out on the tab while pulling up on the edge of the seat. It will take some muscle if the rear seat has never been removed. Do this on both sides.

2) Remove the rear seat bottom and set aside. This is what it looks like with the two tabs undone.


3) Remove the 14mm bolts that hold the left and right seat belt receptacles, one bolt on each side.

4) There are 4 12mm bolts that hold the back of the rear seat on. One on each edge and two under the seat belt receptacles.

12mm bolt under the seat belt receptacle.

5) Pull up on the rear seat back and then remove it. The top of the rear seat back hangs on these 4 hooks. When putting the seat back remember to get the back on all four hooks.

What it looks like without the sound deadening. The arrows point to 4 metal panels that can easily be removed. These holes are a great place to run wires into the trunk.



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