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How to Install Rear Brake Rotors & Pads
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

By LexLS.com

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This tutorial also includes brake pad replacement since rotors and pads should be changed together.

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Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Loosen the lug nuts and then jack up the rear of the car and put it on jack stands. Remove wheels.

2) Remove this top 14mm bolt.

3) Swing the piston assembly down.

4) Remove the two pins and pull out the old pads. Swing the piston assembly back up and replace the 14mm bolt just enough to hold the assembly on. It's easier to take the whole rear caliper off.

5) Remove the two 17mm bolts that hold the caliper on (upper bolt is showing in this pic). Chances are they will be pretty hard to get off...I loosened them by hitting a hammer against the socket.

6) Pull off the caliper and rest it on something. Be careful with the brake line.

7) Remove the two screws and rubber plug. Now pull off the rotor...ha! The rotor is probably going to be rusted on so it will be tough to get off. You can see the rust around the center ring of the rotor in this pic. Apply some WD-40 to the center of the rotor to help loosen it. You'll probably have to knock this pretty hard with a hammer to get it off. Hitting metal on metal is LOUD; I wore earplugs. Removing the rotor itself was the hardest part of this job. Also, the parking brake has to be off.

Old rotor, new rotor. The rear pair of rotors cost me $99. I bought them from an Ebay store. They fit perfectly and are working great. If you buy the Toyota rotors they run about $160 EACH! If you do your homework you can save $$.

8) Install the new rotor and replace the two screws and rubber plug.

9) Install the caliper with the two 17mm bolts, torque to 77 ft-lb (104 Nm, 1065 kg-cm).

10) Take off the old metal shim pieces and install them on the new pads. You may want to apply some brake quiet on the shims before installing them.

11) Remove the top 14mm bolt and swing the piston assembly down. Install the new pads & replace the two pins.

12) Open up the hood and remove the cap on the brake fluid reservoir. Put a shop towel or rag around the brake fluid reservoir just in case. BE CAREFUL: BRAKE FLUID DESTROYS PAINT.

13) Push in the brake piston all the way. I used a short 1" dowel against the piston and the Lexus tire iron for leverage to push the piston in. You can also use a brake piston compression tool. With the piston retracted swing the piston assembly up into place. Torque the 14mm bolt to 25 ft-lb (34 Nm, 350 kg-cm).

14) Double check your work to make sure everything looks good, replace the wheel, and move on the the other side.

15) Check the brake fluid reservoir to make sure it's at the appropriate level and add/remove fluid if needed.



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