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How to Flush the Power Steering Fluid
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

Pictures by Thuan (LOC Member 92Lex), Text by LexLS.com

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This is pretty simple and shouldn't take too long.

Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Jack up the front of the car and put it on jack stands. You just want the front end off the ground enough so you can easily turn the wheels.

2) Put some shop towels under the reservoir, that way fluid won't drip on your alternator. Use a pump to remove all the power steering fluid from the reservoir. Then remove the fluid return hose from the power steering reservoir.

3) Attach your tubing to the return hose and put the other end of the tubing into your container for old fluid. Make sure the container is supported because the fluid will come out fast. Plug the inlet on the reservoir with something...I used a small piece of 4 gauge speaker wire.

4) Fill the reservoir with new ATF.

5) Start the car and immediately shut off the engine. When the engine is turning the pump is turning so fluid will discharge from the return hose and into your container. Top off the reservoir with new ATF; never allow it to become completely empty. Repeat this step until the fluid being expelled from the system is the same color as your new fluid (usually red/pink). If you turn the wheel while the engine is on/starting fluid will come out faster.

The amount of new fluid you need to run through the system in order to get all the old fluid out depends on how old your fluid is, or how many miles have passed since it was last changed. Some systems may need up to 7 quarts before all the old fluid has been flushed out.

6) Once all the old fluid has been flushed from the system, connect the return hose back to the reservoir. Then fill it up with new ATF. Leave the cap off and start the car. Turn the steering wheel slowly from lock to lock several times. Doing this will help to remove any air bubbles in the system.

7) Put the cap back on and take the car off the jack stands. Check the fluid level and bring it to the appropriate level.

Lexls.com Notes: Thanks for the pictures Thuan! Thuan's original tutorial is located here on the Lexus Owners Club (LOC) forum.



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