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Alternative Daizen Front Control Arm
Bushing Kit Install Method
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

By Craig Yeoman

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Here's another way to install the front Daizen bushing kit...without heating! If I had to do this install again I would definitely use this method because it seems MUCH easier.

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Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:


Part I: Remove the Control Arms...

1) Remove the front lower control arms, steps 1-12.

2) Remove the front upper control arms, step 3.


Part II: Remove the Stock Bushings...

3) Using a drill with a thin bit, drill holes in the rubber of the LCA as shown.

4) After you have most of the rubber area drilled out you can use a 2-jaw to push the center sleeve out. If you have a press just push the inner sleeve out.

5) Make or find some plates which will be used to remove the UCA bushings.

6) Set the plates up in a strong vise so that the UCA edges rest on the plates. Then use a 1 1/4" socket to hammer the bushing out. If you have a press, simply press the bushing out.


Part III: Clean the Control Arms...

7) First use a blade to scrape off/out as much rubber as you can. Next move to a medium grit sandpaper to remove the remaining rubber. After all the rubber has been removed you should see bare metal. Finally move on to finer grit sandpaper to smooth everything out. The inner sleeves of the lower control arms and faces must be complete clean of all dirt, rubber, corrosion, etc.

Here's the lower control arm and inner sleeve cleaned up.

8) Repeat step 10 for both upper control arms. Since the entire stock bushing was removed the cleaning won't be as bad. Just smooth things out and make sure the sides are clean too.


Part IV: Install the New Bushings...

Here's what comes with the Daizen kit. 6 bushings total (in halves), 4 metal sleeves for the upper arms, tons of grease, and basic instructions.

9) Grease the new bushings. I used about one tube of grease for each bushing half. You want the bushings to be fully covered in grease.

10) Install the greased bushings into the LCA's. Use a large C clamp with large shocker washers as shown, crank the clamp down and the bushings will go right in.

11) Install the lower control arms on the car. The nut for the arm goes toward the front and the bolt goes in from the back.

12) Fully grease the upper bushings and push them into the UCA's.

13) Install the upper control arms on the car. Torque = 83 ft-lb (113 Nm).

14) Install of the front lower control arms is reverse of removal.



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