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How to Change the Transmission Fluid & Filter
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

Pictures by Thuan (LOC Member 92Lex), Text by LexLS.com

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If your transmission is not operating smoothly then it's probably time you changed the fluid. The filter does not need to be changed very often (recommended interval unknown, I'd say every 100-150K...so not that often) but this tutorial will show you how if you want to. This is not a complete transmission fluid flush, it is basically a simple drain and refill. The most important thing is to ONLY use Toyota Type IV ATF, part #00279-000T4.

Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Put your car on ramps or jack up the front so you have some room to work under the car.

2) Place a drain pan under the transmission drain plug. Unscrew the 14mm drain bolt and let all fluid drain out, about 2 quarts should come out.

3) Remove the 19 10mm bolts that hold the transmission oil pan. Then you may need to insert a blade inbetween the pan and transmission case to cut the sealer. Once you break it free just wiggle it until it comes loose from the upper portion of the dipstick tube. It looks like 1 tube but it actually comes apart...the other half is what you are able to see under the hood.

4) Carefully inspect what, if any, type of foreign matter is in the drain pan. This will give you an idea of the type of wear going on in your transmission. Steel particles (magnetic) indicate bearing, gear, and clutch plate wear. Brass particles (non-magnetic) indicate bushing wear. Remove and clean the magnets and the pan thoroughly. Clean off all the old sealer.

5) Remove the 3 10mm bolts that hold the filter. Install a new filter or clean the old one (actually it's an "oil strainer" part #35330-50010) and torque the 3 bolts to 7 ft-lb (100 kg-cm, 10 Nm).

6) Install the 4 magnets as they were before. Then install a new gasket or apply a bead of seal packing (Three Bond 1281 or equivalent). Install the drain pan and torque the 19 bolts each to 65 in.-lb (75 kg-cm, 7.4 Nm), 65 inch pounds not foot pounds!

7) Install the 14mm drain plug with a new gasket, part #35178-50010. Torque it to 15 ft-lb (205 kg-cm, 20 Nm).

8) Place a funnel in the transmission fluid dipstick tube and slowly add ATF. Use ONLY Toyota Type IV ATF, part #00279-000T4. Capacity for a drain and refill is 2.0 quarts (1.9 liters). Note: Total transmission fluid capacity is 8.7 quarts (8.3 liters).

9) Start the engine, back it off the ramps, and shift the shifter into each position, P to L. Then shift it back to P.

10) With the engine idling check the transmission fluid level. Add fluid up to the COOL level on the dipstick. DO NOT OVERFILL. Write down in your records the date and mileage of this service. Check the fluid level again in a day to make sure the fluid is at the correct level. That's it. Go for a test drive to feel how smooth it is!

Lexls.com Notes: Thanks for the pictures Thuan! Thuan's original tutorial is located here on the Lexus Owners Club (LOC) forum.



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