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How to Flush the Transmission Fluid
1990-1994 Lexus LS400

Pictures by Thuan (LOC Member 92Lex), Text by LexLS.com

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This tutorial will show you how to completely flush the transmission fluid without any fancy machines, it will save you $. If you want to save some more money go to a Toyota dealer to buy the ATF instead of buying it at the Lexus dealer, it's the same fluid! It is very important that you ONLY use Toyota Type IV ATF, the LS transmission is picky.

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Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Put your car on ramps or jack up the front so you have some room to work under the car.

2) Remove the 11 10mm bolts that hold the engine under cover and set the cover aside.

3) Loosen the clamp and then remove the ATF hose from the bottom of the radiator on the driver's side. Place a 3/8" tube over the inlet and place the other end into a bucket or jar to catch the old fluid coming out.

4) Have a helper start the car. While the car is running monitor the fluid coming out into the jar. Once about 2 quarts or so comes out tell your helper to turn off the car. Now take the tranny dipstick out and use a funnel to add two quarts of new Toyota T-IV ATF (part #00279-000T4) through the transmission dipstick tube. Basically you need to put in the same amount that came out.

5) Repeat step 4 until the fluid that comes out is nice and red. Keep in mind that the total capacity is 8.7 quarts (8.3 liters). I would recommend getting a little more than capacity so you can do a complete flush. You might as well buy a case (12 quarts) so you'll have some extra for a drain and refill in the future.

6) Reconnect the ATF hose back to the radiator, put the under cover back on, and back your car off the ramps. Once off the ramps, slowly shift the shifter into each position, P to L. Then shift it back to P.

7) With the engine idling check the transmission fluid level. Add fluid up to the COOL level on the dipstick. DO NOT OVERFILL. Write down in your records the date and mileage of this service. Check the fluid level again in a day to make sure the fluid is at the correct level.

8) Properly dispose of your used fluid by bringing it to your local recycling center. DO NOT pour it down the drain or dump it in your backyard!!! Take a test drive to feel how smooth the tranny shifts!

Lexls.com Notes: Thanks for the pictures Thuan! Thuan's original tutorial is located here on the Lexus Owners Club (LOC) forum.



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