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LexLS.com: The Ultimate in LS400 DIY

Welcome to LexLS.com

Welcome to LexLS.com, the ultimate Lexus LS400 DIY resource! The goal is to provide a comprehensive source of information and web resources. Most importantly are my in depth how to do-it-yourself picture tutorials. Save money by doing things yourself. Most of my tutorials are not that difficult and they can be done with basic tools. This site is continuously under development so please check back often for new material.

Most of the information on this site applies to first generation (1990-1994) LS400's but newer LS's will also benifit as the design was very similar and the engine didn't change until the genIII. I am providing this information FREE of charge. The tutorials listed on this site have taken me a significant amount of time to put together. They can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. It takes time and money to keep LexLS.com up, running, and alive so if you haven't already, please make a donation. Donations are greatly appreciated and motivate me to keep adding more.




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